It's just an estimation based on the previous orders data, we call it ” Safe Zone”

We recommended importing the products with the estimation shipping cost on them to stay at the "Safe Zone". In this case, your profit margin and the estimation shipping cost will cover the whole process.

What if I want to target all the countries on the list?  

The shipping cost difference between all the counties listed is just a couple of dollars so just make sure to cover those $3-$4 with your profit margin.

Do I have to pay for this estimated shipping cost that I'm seeing when doing a drop shipping?
No, you will not pay for this estimation shipping cost because it’s just an estimation ( not fully accurate).  Once the item arrives at our warehouse, we will determine the final weight and charge you based on the real weight.

The reason behind that is because we don't want to overcharge you or undercharge you.

What happens when I get an order?

You will first pay for the original product cost ( Taobao cost) without the estimation shipping cost and then once we get the item at our warehouse, you will pay for the real shipping cost based on the item real weight.

Do I have to do these steps for every time I get an order ?

No , If you keep selling the same product continuously aka: "winning product" we will save the real weight and shipping cost for this product so you will pay for the same amount every-time.

Important note:

this scenario will happen only once, with that being said we will save the real product weight and real shipping cost in our database so the next time you will be able to pay for the same amount for the future orders without the need to any estimation just like Aliexpress.

P.S: Small items are easy to estimate. 

Please refer to our shipping calculator

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