Taobao Vs Aliexpress 

Both of them belong to Alibaba group , Alibaba is a huge company in China that offers many services not only e-commerce.

Jack Ma founder of Alibaba group. Image source: Google

Taobao founded by Alibaba Group in 2003, Taobao Marketplace is consumer-to-consumer (C2C) retail by providing a platform for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to open online stores that mainly cater to consumers in China.

You can say that Taobao is like Amazon in the USA but of course much bigger with over 20 million sellers, 700 million users and over 1 billion product listed 😱 Taobao has 80% market share in China.

The monthly active users on Taobao's mobile app is around 700 million.

If there is 1 million business who dropship from Taobao that would be less than 1% so we are just a drop on the ocean.

Aliexpress is just a small project for Alibaba comparing to Taobao.

99% of Chinese people have no idea about Aliexpress, and of course, everyone buys from Taobao.

Now let's talk from a business perspective!

  • First of all, Taobao has a variety of untapped products inside that are not listed on Amazon, Aliexpress and Wish and this is a very important thing to know, but what's the reason behind that?

I will tell you the reason, it's simply because Taobao sellers have no idea how to sell their products outside China due language barriers (the majority of sellers don't speak English).

Another reason is that those sellers are already making tons of money selling inside China alone and if you don't know, China e-commerce market is worth the USA and Europe combined

Products get published first on Taobao before they go to Aliexpress and other platform and many they don't even get listed on Aliexpress. That means you can put your hand on those new trendy products before anyone else. Study your niche and dig deep!

  • Second sellers are very friendly and willing to help, they give good customer support.

We shipped thousands of parcels and only a few times we got scammed.

Now, of course, you have to vet the products quality because not all of them are of good quality.

  • Third, there is a lot of good quality products because a lot of Taobao sellers create their unique products and brand because they have easy access to manufacturers.
  • Fourth which is the most important point, you are in control of the logistics.

Which cheaper Aliexpress or Taobao?

Sometimes Taobao is cheaper than Aliexpress but this is not always the case if you factor the shipping cost.

Taobao products have no international shipping cost on them since Taobao sellers don't offer international shipping ( some sellers do but it's expensive ). However, some categories like fashion and shoes (heavy items weight) are cheaper. 

Note: Most Aliexpress sellers insert the shipping cost on top of the products and that's why you see free shipping using China post because it's cheap but we already know that's it's a terrible shipping method.

Since Taobao is only available for Chinese in the mainland, you can't directly buy from Taobao because you will need a Chinese address to receive the orders.

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