The "estimated shipping cost" It's just an estimation based on the previous orders data, with that being said you will not pay for this cost until we receive the product in our warehouse

To make things clear, shipping cost is based on the product wieght.
You can also do your own weight estimation if you are familiar with product weight.

Contact us if you are not sure about weight estimation.

Also you can refer to our shipping calculator

It's important to note that it's easy to estimate general small items like clothes, shoes,phone cases,etc.

What if I want to target all the countries on the list?  

The shipping cost difference among all the countries is just a couple of dollars so just make sure to cover those $3-$4 with your profit margin.

Do I have to pay for this estimated shipping cost when paying for the orders?
No, you will not pay for this estimation shipping cost because it’s just an estimation ( not fully accurate).  Once the item arrives at our warehouse, we will determine the final weight and charge you based on the real weight.

All Taobao products has no shipping cost on them.

You will first pay for the original product cost ( Taobao cost), and then once we receive the item from Taobao seller, you will get an e-mail saying that your order is ready for ship and then you pay for the real shipping cost

Also, keep in mind that If you keep selling the same item or similar items then the shipping cost will never change.

For example, all phone cases weight is around 0.050 gram.

Refer to our shipping calculator

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